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Lean On Me As A Sounding Board and An Accountability Partner

Is your business doing okay, but you just can’t seem to get ahead? Maybe your bills are getting paid each month but nothing is going into savings, and if you had a financial emergency you could only handle it by going into debt. Or maybe your business has hit a plateau, and you want to expand your market share or add a new product line or service. Or maybe you are just not getting the kind of satisfaction out of your business that you once did, and you want to make changes to restore your passion for your work. Bernard will help you create a plan to reach your short and long-term goals while anticipating and proactively planning for obstacles.

Start Up Your Business On The Right Foot

Starting your business on the right path is important. The leading reason that startups go out of business in the first five years is that the business was undercapitalized and could not keep up with regular expenses or handle unexpected emergencies. The best way to handle emergencies is to plan ahead for them. Bernard will help you plan for emergencies, overcome debt, establish winning habits and set goals for the future.

Sweating The “Small Stuff” Makes A Big Difference

How do you lower expenses while increasing revenue? How do you work within a budget? How do you have conflict with difficult customers? How do you assemble a team that is loyal to you, motivated, and productive? What message are you inadvertently sending with your advertising content? Are you being taken advantage of by vendors, partners or other third parties? How do you establish strategic partnerships with other organizations? Is your management structure set up to achieve your business goals? How do you make your business scalable? How do you resolve internal conflict with co-owners? Bernard will help you review all the aspects of your business operations to maximize your effectiveness.
Case Studies

Handle Conflict Without Litigation

Brian wanted to sue when Meredith offended him. I proposed strategies to address the underlying problem (aggressive sales tactics) and also repair the relationship with Meredith without resorting to court.

Sue was asked to photograph a panel discussion that included Terri, a speaker with whom Sue had had a recent conflict. The conflict began when Terri took offense to Sue taking a recording of Terri at a similar event, and threatened to sue her. Sue wanted to accept the photography assignment, but was worried about how to deal with Terri without exacerbating that conflict or causing a scene at the event.
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Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

Mary was a young, single entrepreneur in her late 30s who ran her own bakery. She’d worked tirelessly for 3 years and business was better than ever … She found there weren’t enough hours in the day.

She’d set her alarm, waking up at 4 a.m. every morning and go into work 3 hours before they opened to knead dough, prepare the kitchen, and bake goodies. After a while, she found she spent so much time doing the prep work and looking after the kitchen, she neither had the time nor energy left at the end of the day required to balance the books, organize schedule and payroll, and manage her student employees. She became bogged down with work and as a result her business started to suffer.

What Bernard did when he first met her was ask, “Was it your dream to work at a bakery, or manage one?”

Mary loved baking, which was why she’d gotten into the business in the first place, but one common mistake small business owners often overlook is that a lot more goes into running and managing a business than simply working at one. Her and Bernard worked together to decide a proper course of action that would allow Mary the benefit of finding a solution that would give her the benefit of the extra time she needed to ensure management ran smoothly, without jeopardizing the quality of her baked goods.

In this case, it was the simple suggestion of hiring a few more reliable workers to function as supervisors, and training them properly that gave her the ability to focus on actually running the bakery itself, and allowed her business to continue to flourish without any unnecessary stress.
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Keep Moving Forward

Joshua owned a landscaping company. He’d gotten into the business as a young man in his late teens, and after toiling away for many years learning all the details of the trade, he found himself owning his own business in his mid 20s with more success than he’d ever imagined.

He had a fleet of trucks and managed dozens of employees in order to keep up with all the work orders. After success came, he started skipping out on work and left the supervision of the jobs to his workers. As foremen, it wasn’t their responsibility, nor did they have the time to focus on the details and organize the dozen employees telling them where they had to be and when. As a result, the landscaping jobs took much longer than needed, went over budget, were delayed, or needed to be re-done. Customers started to complain, and quality of business began to suffer.

Joshua had let success go to his head, and thinking he had it easy could simply leave the management of his company up to his employees while he spent his days on the golf course. When Bernard sat down with Joshua, they tried to figure out where exactly things started to go wrong and why. They decided it was a simple lack of concentration that had affected quality.

For a few weeks, Bernard worked side-by-side with Joshua to re-organize and re-structure his landscaping business, so when things started to run smoothly again, Joshua could once again concentrate on managing his employees and ensuring that all projects were completed to the highest quality.

What Joshua had learned from Bernard’s advising was a simple lesson in momentum … Once the momentum of your small business builds and as an owner you begin to realize success, you’ve got to stay motivated to keep getting better.
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